J. Emily DeLorge G.
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I LOVE creative expression, simplicity, communication, RESPECT for GEOMETRY, translating idea to imagery, photography, the color green, grids, developing systems, typography, the smell of oil paint and sand blasting.




Engage a Diverse Audience


Etched Glassware


Use of Stock Photos & Text Styles




illustration published work

THE FLOOD BOOK, A Psychic Swamp Book Collection “yatitude” ©2008 Surregionalist Editions, New Orleans, LA 

AIGA Experimental Design Award, 2009

Pen and Ink


Firearm Engraving

3529 RESIZED.jpg

Engraving apprenticeship

Ed DeLorge, Master Engraver and Gunsmith, Apprenticeship 2010 - 2011

Engraving independent study

Sam Alfano, Master Engraver and Instructor at the GRS Engraving Co., Private Lessons 2010 - 2011

Yvette Ruletdge, Hand Lettering Course, Center For Lettering Arts, 2010 

Engraving published work

The Complete Engraver, 2012 Nancy Sharron Collins, Princeton Architectural Press, New York, NY



REproduction of Albrecht durer's m

Printed from an engraved copper plate

Printed from an engraved copper plate

monogram NC

Designed Ligatures and glyphs

This alphabet was salvaged from a master plate for a pantograph machine. 

Engraved Lettering

Wearable Art


2nd Place, Uncommon Thread, 2009

Culture Candy, Baton Rouge, La

"Uncommon Thread is a wonderful experience mix of performance art, wearable art, and fashion. The craft is superb, the artist are inspired and the show is a fabulous fanciful event." – J. Emily DeLorge Gilfour







Photography Published work

The Belle Journal, 2013 Janey Hogan, Baton Rouge, LA 

With a mantra that rises from the soul of a sometimes forgotten land and a tenacity instilled by those that came before, Belle Journal emerges as a home for the voices of “alternative” southern belles. Based in Baton Rouge, La., this new literary journal features prose, poetry and visual art from women all over the South.

With Volume I released in May, founder Janey Hogan found herself in exciting, uncharted territory. “It is thrilling and humbling to watch your idea receive so much support and community involvement that it is able to bloom into a reality,” says Hogan. “Amelia (Designer/Co-editor) and I constantly look at each other and remark that we have no idea what we’re doing, but somehow it’s working.”

Hogan decided to create a literary journal to capture the deeper experience of southern women. Coining the term, “alternabelles,” she set out to break the cliché image crafted by past decades. When Amelia Tritico, designer/co-editor, heard about the idea she was immediately enthralled. "I’ve always been interested in showing a different side of the south than is portrayed in the media. There are so many strong, educated independent women in the south, and I wanted to help my cousin start Belle Journal in order to give these people a voice.”

Belle Journal: Vol. I received over 150 submissions through a word-of-mouth campaign. A selection committee pared these down to 60 beautiful works of prose, poetry and artwork. After a successful Kickstarter.com fundraiser that provided the financial means to make Vol. I possible, printed copies were ordered, and official Belle Journal release parties were thrown in Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Houma.

Detail 3

Landscape Painting

Alice Gibson Award, Artist Guild Unlimited Art Show, 2010

Morgan City, La

2nd Place, LSU Student Art Show, 2009

LSU Student Union Art Gallery, Baton Rouge, La